God of War - Peaks Pass Architecture

Raul aparicio breakdown 02

The final result of hours of manual labor and carefully hand crafted assets.

Raul aparicio architecture highpoly 01

Basic architural starter kit!!! These were used for 90 percent of the architecture.

Raul aparicio breakdown 06

Every facade was custom built using geometrical trims. That were cut out much like you would cut wood frames to make a picture frame. It was an overwhelming amount of work.

Raul aparicio architecture highpoly 02

Collection of architectural trims.

Raul aparicio breakdown 05

The giants shaped the hollowed interiror of the mountain by hand. Which meant that a lot of the the architecture was only to serve purpose and not luxury. Which is why we dont see too many gold trims or other metal objects embbeded into the wall.

Raul aparicio woodstuff highpoly 02

The large doors for the entrance of the mountain.

Raul aparicio breakdown 04
Raul aparicio woodstuff highpoly 03
Raul aparicio finalgame 12
Raul aparicio woodstuff highpoly 01

Collection of wood trim pieces and other wood pieces.

Raul aparicio architecture highpoly 03

The henge at the top of the mountain was hand sculpted. I created the low poly. Paul Coda textured and integrated the asset into his larger scene at the top of the summit.

Raul aparicio finalgame 13

God of War - Peaks Pass Architecture

I was responsible for the majority of the architecture in peak pass. To make my life easy i created simple trims and bake them down to geometry. I then used these pieces of geo to stitch together most of the architecture in peaks pass. Using 2 uv channels and vertex paint to blend the seams together. This allowed me to create countless number of very specific pieces of geometry for each of my areas, keeping everything at 512 pixels per meter. I used the same technique for a lot of the scaffolding. It was an overwhelming amount of worth but totally worth it.

In the end, i used "skirts" to blend the rocks and the architecture seamlessly. Unfortunately this process takes a lot of time so i had to be very selective.